Jewellery ERP : SKU/BOM

Jewellery ERP : SKU/BOM

Jewellery ERP : Sku Master / Bill Of Material (BOM)

Our SKU or BOM is a very Unique to define each and every characteristic about the product with the deep level costing.

  • SKU : Sku Name , its like product name , it is an unique alpha numeric field , which will be manual or auto generated like RG-0001, RG-0002, BG-0001
  • Description : You can define more about the product and there special areas. It can be use for website or any other selling portals
  • Remark : It is use for internal purpose like production instruction when its produce.
  • Category :   when you have thousands of products, its very difficult to filter the product as per requirements. In that case we categories the product and define our products under some category.
  • Pattern : Its another classification Type of product as per looks , like its animal type, flower, alphabet, number.
  •  Item : It is use for Items Like ring, Bracelet, Earring.
  • Family : another one Classification Type.
  • Metal : Metal Type of the Product Like , 18K, 14 K, 925 Silver.
  • Item Pcs : Define Pcs in this product u have like earring 2 pcs , bangle 1 pcs or 2 pcs or 4 pcs under one product.
  • Color : use for metal color or plating color.
  • Size : Product Size Like ring size, Chain Size Etc.
  •  Design No: use for base design No or Ref. Design No
  • Mt Loss % : its Metal Loss % Which is used to add Metal Loss % in Metal Amount .
  • Variation % : its +/- percentage to use to control quoted weight of the product during manufacturing.
  • Avg Loss % : this loss % use to control the avg Loss % of the product during production.
  • Gross Wt : Total GrossWt of the Product.
  • Net  Wt : Metal Wt of the Product , generally its auto calculated (GrossWt-StoneWt-Other Findings Wt)

Also You can define Stones, Findings, Extra /other metals, rubber mould no. , so that we can generate requirements after getting order.

Also You can make costing with all the components and labour for the quotations.

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