Implementation timeline

To implement any ERP successfully, need to follow Proper Implementation plan. We offer 55 days Implementation Plan.

User specification phase
System Study or Requirement Analysis

To implement in a proper way, this is very important that we understand the current business model and future projections of the company. Analysis each and every corner of business and departments.

Data Gathering

Meet with all the departments and take their existing data, we process that data with the help of our tools or manually, cross-check data twice because these data are going into our master data. Master Data is the backbone of any ERP or Software.

Setup Master Data, Roles and Rules

In this phase we sit with the top management team to discuss about Master Data which we define earlier, discuss about the departments Flow, Assign Persons with their Roles and Rules. Discuss About the Sensitive Data which is not to be disclose to Mid-Level or Low-Level Managements.

Gap Analysis and ERP Setup
Gap Analysis

Our team Compare your requirements with our ERP and make Gap Analysis sheet with your requirements and ERP, we start required customization if any.

ERP Setup

We install the ERP on Server and Workstation Computer, Setup the Rules and Flags as per requirements. Create users and Assign Access Rights (Add, Edit, Delete, Print).

System testing
System testing

After setup the ERP, our team will test the ERP with all the departments (Purchase, Inventory, Production Planning, Manufacturing, Sales & Exports, Accounts, Tools or Consumables) Also Sit with Users and ensure that they are work comfortably, because system should be User-Friendly, also ensure that all the data should going without any error in the database and generating Reports as per required Formats and calculation.
We ensure all the reports should be 100% Accurate If We found and bug, we fix same time and update in the system without and delay,

Training & Implementation
Group User Training

We start the ERP Training with all the user which will operate the ERP, We Explain how to enter data and get reports, about reporting tools, edit or delete the entries,

User Training

We sit with the individual users and explain his role in the ERP, what entries or data he will enter and which reports he require, Setup the Job Responsibilities related to the ERP entries and ensure he enter the data in required format.

Middle and Top Management Training

After input the proper data we show the MIS Reports and analysis reports to middle or top management, Summery MIS, Production Work-Flow, Loss Control, Worker Control, Accounts, Order Status and Many More Analysis Reports

Accomplish ERP Implementation

After the Successfully Implementation we watch entered data, reports, MIS, should be going error free. Sit down with every user and take his views and ideas for more better and user friendly updates,

Ongoing support

After successfully implementation, We take care new updates, user behaviors, we ensure that users will have enough support through the post-go-live challenges that they will inevitably face. We are Available 24/7 for the support.

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