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Design / SKU Master

Our Design/SKU Master is very simple to Advance, You can define each and every attribute related Designs, Like Design No, Metal, Color, Family, Category, Pattern, dimension, Size, etc.

Link the BOM (Bill of martial) like Stones, Findings, Moulds, Second Metal, etc.

Diamond / Stone Inventory

We Manage Your Diamond and Color stone inventory in a very precise way, we kept all the standard attributes like packet no, lot no, shape, Color, Clearly and also, we kept certificate information like, Cert Type, Cert No, Polish, origin, treatment and other related info.
As Bonus for you we kept the Shelf no, SrlNo to find the packet easily and quickly, we print the labels with the barcode to fast issue and return.

Quotation and Order Management

ERP has the capability to make the quotations and orders from the design/ sku master or From the Ready Stock with different Price List and Currencies. This Quotation Can be Convert into Order for the production when confirmed. We cannot manufacture products without taken order, even for stock basis require order for stock, this is very good practice to mange or control manufacturing floor, at the time of order you can take complete detail of the product like Metal, Color, Size, diamonds, plating, finish, stamp, priority, due date.

Order Requirement Sheet, Order Status, Order Comparison Sheet, Order Profit Analysis, Over Due Orders, These are some MIS reports which are very useful.

Play With Images

We have Image View where you can see images –metal wise, item wise, family wise, sale wise, customer wise.

Design Department

We control your row designs and designer data, with their performance analysis. you can start the ERP from the basic sketch making by your designers, how much sketches create by a designer, authorised person approves the sketch or reject, monthly performance of designers,

only our ERP covers this Design Department very well.

Job Cards

Software can print Job card on Standard Self adhesive Papers and u can directly paste on Polybags/zippers, You can Use Different Color of papers to identify Order Priority.


From Sketch to Shipment we keep every record and create MIS for You, Our ERP system has powerful, dynamic and organized manufacturing module, it has dynamic department/process control means you can create your own department/process and set their rules.
With the help of JOB-CARD we control the products and orders, anytime you can see product flow, manufacturing load, worker load, Department load, overdue jobs, next due jobs,

We added the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to analysis floor for the timely production. It’s very important that every order should be delivering on time, and ERP ensure it and give you warring signs every time when it’s going to delay and push you to take some better decision.

Manufacturing Loss, Dust Analysis

In our ERP we focus on loss control very strongly, We know very well how to manage actual and allow loss, recover loss and calculate average loss of company on yearly/monthly basis.
We control loss on every department Like Casting, Filing (goldsmith), Polish, Setting, etc.
We have the system to view actual loss on every product or job-card, so that we can control loss and reduce your average loss, our loss reports and loss analysis helps to take decision at the worker level or department level.

Maintain Prices Charts or Lists

Our ERP has maintain prices lists for Stones And Labours, You can Create Number of price lists and link with the clients, so that at the time of quotations or sales appropriate prices come and make value of the item. You can define stone or labour prices as per item, family, metal, color, design, stone, size wise. And set the priority to fetch the prices.

Manufacturing Floor Status, Job Forecasting

At any time you can check Manufacturing Floor Status (order wise, client wise, design wise, del-date wise), how many jobs are in W.I.P. (work in progress)? How many jobs are pending for next process? How much work load we have worker wise or department wise? Can you take new order and ship next week? How much work load will come in this week? How u decide next orders due-date? These questions are always in mind and you not get and proper answer without proper ERP software. Just implement our JewelleryERP system and feel free this kind of questions

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